I was 6 years old and got a dirt bike for my birthday.

The excitement was at an all-time high! I will never forget my first ride.  I asked so many questions to ensure I would not fall.  I remember watching the front tire so closely just to make sure I didn’t hit anything.  However, we all know that if you look forward but directly down, you can easily miss what’s coming at you in the distance. This was me.

I was so committed to not hit anything that I didn’t give myself enough reaction time to accurately see obstacles coming ahead of me, that where approaching very fast.  Which led to me riding straight into a fallen tree trunk and flying over the handlebars.  Thankfully I had all my protective gear on, but nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson that day.  In life and in business, in order to avoid problems in front of us, we need to look up.

Looking down will never allow you to stay up.

As humans, we were not created to constantly look down. If that was the case, our eyes would have been under our chin as opposed to centered on the front of our face.  Can someone say Look Up?!

It is proven that our focus dictates a lot of our emotional state.  Whether happy or sad, dreadful or excited.  Looking down has a negative connotation to looking up.  Looking up allows you to take in everything and gives you the opportunity to put it in its right place. It has the ability to lift your mood, elevate your spirit, and gives you a greater sense of what’s on the horizon.

Looking up will lift you up.

Let’s be real, life happens all around us, every second of every day, very quickly.  The more time we spend looking down gives us more time to count all the things we are not happy with.  It breeds criticalness and resentment, with regret following close behind.  Looking up will begin to lift you up if you let it.  The ability to filter through your situation and see a good thing going on will propel you forward with a greater expectation of good things to come.

Looking up will allow you to live life with greater expectation and excitement for tomorrow.

The choice is always up to us.  We can choose to look down and pose the chance of missing what’s in front of us.  Or we can choose to look up and refuse to miss what’s ahead of us.

Even when your down.

You may just be surprised what you will find.  

You’re not in this alone.  Feel free to reach out anytime with questions, comments, or challenges. Let’s Chat.

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