The Wait Is Over

By March 15, 2018Leadership

Every season carries its own set of challenges. Some bigger and some smaller, yet all real nonetheless.  The last thing we ever like to do, in any area of our life, is wait.  The immediate weight of waiting brings frustration, discouragement, and the feeling of defeat.   The reality is that waiting can actually be a good thing, if harnessed in the right way.

Waiting can make or break you.

There is a story about a group of people, a tribe, that was in a race for their life.  They were trying to outrun an army of people that was much bigger and stronger than they were.  All of a sudden, they found themselves at the banks of a large body of water, with no escape on the horizon, all they could do was wait.  However, in the waiting, an allied force came running to invade their situation and provide an escape.  This group of people had a decision to make, to stay and die, or trust in the unknown path ahead of them and run confidently forward. ‘Talk about trailblazers.’

This group of people ran full speed ahead.  They chose the potential for life.  The enemy forces almost caught up and continued to pursue them.  Then the story gets really good!  The red sea was parted, and the group ran across the bottom of the sea with walls of water raised to their right and left.  As they made it safely to the other side, the enemy forces where close behind on the same path in the sea.  All of sudden, the water collapsed on them and in an instant, the water swallowed them up, like a smoldering candlewick.

This story is found in the bible, where the Israelites are escaping from the Egyptians and God made a way, where there was no way.  Let me be very clear, victory was first established in the waiting, through faith, trust and obedience.

Whatever it is you are waiting on, don’t quit.  Whatever it is that your believing for, don’t quit.  Whatever it is that you need, don’t quit.

The difference between victory and defeat is found in the waiting.

In Isaiah 43:18 God says, “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun.”

The word about means on the verge of, or, in the vicinity of.  How amazing?!

While you are waiting, God is working on your behalf.  All it takes is faith, trust and obedience.  Easier said than done, but I challenge you to rest in it.  It’s already begun, look, it’s happening.

Don’t mistake waiting for weakness.

Strength is the ability to push past the pain, to push past the challenges.  To outlast your situation.  To see victory fulfilled.  It’s all found in the waiting moments of life.

Hillsong United said it best in their latest Holiday album “Seasons” when they said, “If you’re not done working, God I’m not done waiting.”

That’s my prayer for you and yours, in every season.

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